Tampa Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

When you are looking to store something particularly valuable, it is important that you put it in a climate controlled environment, like our Tampa climate controlled self storage units. By letting your fragile items sit in the sweltering heat, it’s just begging for damage.

That is why it was a priority for us to introduce climate controlled storage units here at Tampa Self Storage. We knew that, in order to offer the best in self storage, that we had to offer our clients climate controlled self storage units in Tampa FL for their sensitive items.
Keep belongings safe with climate controlled storage units in Tampa FL

Just think about it. When your items sit in the extreme heat all day, it will have an affect. The following are just a few problems that people have run into when storing their items in traditional storage units.

  • Photographs, documents, artwork and anything else contained on paper runs the risk of yellowing or ink can fade. Tampa climate controlled self storage units help preserve these items.
  • Electronics are especially sensitive. The extreme heat can affect each component in a negative way. Some extreme temperatures can even ruin electronics beyond repair.
  • Even items like clothes can be susceptible to damage from high temperatures. They can wrinkle or the fabric can be affected in a negative way.

Major shifts in temperature can allow condensation to form on your items. Moisture is even worse than heat! You can protect your things from both with climate controlled self storage units in Tampa FL.

All of this is avoidable with climate controlled self storage in Tampa. At Tampa Self Storage, we offer spacious storage facilities that are climate controlled so that your belongings are not subjected to extreme temperatures. This makes us the perfect facility to store things like fine wine and exotic collections.

All this is available and an extremely affordable price. Let us know what you’re looking for. We would love to show you some options in Tampa climate controlled self storage units.